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Sommer’s Stroll

General Manager, Brian Sommer in the vineyards at Vintners Resort picking grapes during Harvest Season.

August 2023

“Is it almost September?”

The vines are ready for the Labor Day weekend heat spike. From our perspective, we are patient. Veraison is one of those words like Batonage that make me feel way more intelligent than I am, grateful for the time I studied wine and lived in wine country. The clusters of grapes have turned from green to pink to purple for the red varietals and the green ones have softened. (Veraison) This is the sign that they are beginning their journey towards sweet bursts of guava or green apple. Undoubtedly, they will find their way to a winery and then a glass soon.

Days are warm and nights are cool. The tending of the vines is yielding its way to harvest. Winemakers are taking kids back to school and taking a rest before harvest swings into full gear. This is the perfect time to visit. We’ve encouraged our friends locally to enjoy day trips at the spa and are ready to receive our harvest travelers. September and October have been the peak time to visit wine country with its fall smell riding the wind, a smell of grapes fermenting, and leaves falling.

We encourage you to spend the last days of summer with us or to cozy up next to a firepit at night and we look forward to seeing you soon.


July 2023

“Hello sunshine!

The vineyard stroll today was warm and I was immediately welcomed by a shimmer of sun bouncing off the soothing waters of the courtyard fountain, a frequent feature for wedding and family photographs.

Distant previews of unforgettable moments with guests lounging at the pool, enjoying spa treatments, and dining al fresco at the café painted the background as I walked. As the bell tower strikes noon, I continue my venture assured that summer has arrived at our enchanted resort.

I am captivated by how quickly the vines have grown past flowering, past fruit set, and matured to the point of “pre-bunch close”. Over the next weeks as you venture through the vineyard, take notice of the grapes on the vine tightening the space between one another, forming an airtight cluster, providing safety for their complete growth and development. Steve Domenichelli and his crew continue to collaborate with the winemakers as we enter our warmer months to ensure that each vine is perfectly tended to the sun’s specifications allowing the vineyard to reach its pinnacle for harvest.

A well-framed vineyard is the foundation for a great glass of wine. Let’s open a bottle and sip and stroll soon.”


June 2023

“The trademarks of a cooler year have been felt in the evenings and mornings, encouraging nightcaps by the fireplaces and breakfasts in beds.

If it weren’t for the sun’s perseverance and the reluctant yielding of the coastal climate, we might think we were still in the early stages of Spring, but, we’ve transcended from the magical array of 10,000 tulips to the seasonal color change of blooming vegetables and the flowering of our estate vineyard. While Spring has been on a slow roll, we have not. We’ve been planting gardens, testing recipes, and creating magical events.

While we wait for the grape clusters to produce their berries, we ask for you to join us for a stroll, a sip or a stay. Our white wine varietals should produce one of our best vintages and we anticipate summer’s warmth to produce an above-average quality of produce from our culinary gardens.

Farming our vineyard and gardens is a passion of our dedicated employees just as serving it to you on the plate or in a glass gives us purpose. We look forward to welcoming you soon.”


May 2023

“This morning the air in the vineyard was cool and heavy.
In just under a month’s time, the vines have exploded from tiny buds to sprawling, playful adolescents. The marine layer yielded to the bright rays of the sun; the smell of freshly pruned cover crops filled the air.
I smiled to myself, a soft smile of awareness, knowing that we live and work in a magical place. Upon my journey over the cobblestone-covered courtyards, I arrive back at the lobby. Bustling and lively as ever, I am reminded that the resort has awoken from its winter slumber and Spring is here. Guests gather around fountains and the jovial spirit is contagious in the laughter amongst our guests. Our team is working tirelessly to prepare for the season, ensuring each detail is aligned.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude and reflection on a resilient and inspiring first year at the resort. As all of us step onto our lush property each day, we do so with the reverence that Sonoma County’s soil has a soul, and our job is to share it with you.
Until we see you again.”


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